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What is Chin Chin?

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Chin Chin is a sweet, delicious and crunchy ready to eat snack! Our Tabitha's brand is a delicious treat made specially for you and packaged with freshness and care.

Where is it manufactured?

A special treat just for you, made fresh daily in our London bakery.

What is it made of?

The key ingredients are wheat flour, cake margarine, sugar and flavourings.

Benefits for you

  • Our Tabitha's Chin Chin is great for snacking, sharing, gifts and parties.

  • Delivered the next day to your door.

  • Reliable supplier - Established since 2002 (celebrating 20 years anniversary).

  • Value for money ranging from 50p for our individual pack.

  • Freshness - Cooked daily from our London food factory.

Buy Now!

Why don't you try our different flavours ranging from Vanilla to Chocolate, Coconut, Banana and Cinnamon.

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