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 Information: Jollof Rice DIY Cooking Kit
New Exciting Way of Cooking African Recipes.
Dare to Dream for  a dish from Africa cooked in your very own kitchen

  Pre portioned Ingredients & Recipe
Free Plantain & Recipe

Make your own Jollof Rice at home with this quick and simple DIY African Cooking Kit. Whether you're an aspiring master chef or simply love trying food from around the world, this kit will enable you to make Jollof rice in your very own kitchen in less than an hour. No cooking experience required.
What is Jollof Rice?
Jollof Rice is an African dish which is simple cooking of rice in tomatoes and pepper sauce. It is a great dish most popular at parties and festive period. It is the king in West African menu, very special and loved by all.
What is in the Box?
Includes FREE Plantain and Cooking Recipe (while stocks last)
Brown rice, fresh vegetables, oil, spice and seasonings, with step by step Recipe.
Everything you require to cook Jollof rice is included in your kit except kitchen essentials such as a large pot, colander, blender and stirring spoon.
Dry ingredients: Rice, seasoning, salt, oil, spice and knor cube should be stored in a dry place.
It has a long shelf life.
Vegetables: Tomatoes, peppers and onions are perishable and should be stored in a cool place.
Other Information
Each kit makes 6-8 servings to make less servings simply divide recipe to portions desired. You are free to customize your Jollof rice with the addition of various herbs and spices to create different flavours. You may serve your Jollof rice with Chicken, Fish, Salads or Beef.
The process may be a little intimidating to start with but be assured after a few African food cookery sessions, it will be a fun experience.
Packaging dimensions:
Box: L314x D224 x H80cm, approx. 2kg
Suitable for vegetarian
Makes a great gift to friends and family. You may even cook for parties and entertaining guests.
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