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We are currently looking for food lovers to join our food production team. We take pride in the well being of our staff. We provide a stable environment to work in, with flexibility of working hours and benefits.  We have full time/part time spaces for:

1. A sales person who is focused, passionate, caring but driven and very bold.
2. A Chef/Cook who is a specialist in African cuisine and willing to grow their skills.
3. A Cleaner who takes pride in creating and maintaining a clean environment.
4. A Food production officer who is energetic and joyful.

If any of these post interests you or suits someone you know, please email  CV to info@beautifulfoods.co.uk
Welcome to Beautiful Foods Ltd
  • Manufacturer of African snacks and professional caterer for weddings and events. 
  • Here we care and value you as good people who give to us to keep us going.  
  • We produce for you the wealth of African Food for your happiness and enjoyment.
  • We give you hygienic food, produced freshly at our factory in UK. 
  • We give you great taste!
  • We give you value for your money (The right Price)
  • We give you freshness 
  • We give you peace of mind and trust
  • We value integrity and transparency 
  • We give you food cooked in UK with Ingredients sourced here in the UK
  • We give you highly valued employees who are expert at their job and ready and happy to serve you
  • We give you quality product and service.
  • The snacks range are fantastic.
  • The food & catering service will bring you something to talk about.
  • Beautiful Foods make people happy.
  • We bring you the wealth of African food for your enjoyment and happiness  
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Call us for a chat on
020 84694117 our customer's service will be happy to help and serve you. Thank You.